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Abundant Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch

Abundant Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch

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Usage: Thickening gravies, frying, or crafting dishes like meatballs, oyster omelettes, rice cakes, rice balls, taro balls, sweet potato balls, vermicelli, pudding, & bean curd etc.

What makes this product unique is its omission of: Tapioca starch, modified starch, preservatives, bleaching agents, & chemicals in production. This results in a more natural gray color with slightly thicker, varying in size particles than typical fine powder you can find in the common market. 

Abundant Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch is handcrafted from the dense and sweet Tainong No. 57 sweet potatoes using a classic recipe passed down from generations. Each sweet potato is meticulously peeled, washed, ground, and refined to filter out the pulp. After adding water and allowing it to stand, the mixture is dried with hot air for several hours.

Recommended Recipes: Steamed Pork Steak with Bean Sauce and Shredded Potatoes, Brown Sugar Rice Cake, Chicken Tofu, Ancient Style Egg Pancake


Sweet potato

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