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ETong Udon Noodles

ETong Udon Noodles

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No need to thaw, just put these full of chew, bouncy udon noodles in boiling water for 30 seconds and they will be ready to serve! Add your favorite seasonings and sauces to make a delicious bowl of udon!

With over 30 years of noodle-making experience, you can enjoy a bowl of traditionally made noodles that remind you of home that does not harm the body for the price of convenience!

ETong wishes is to provide convenient noodles that allows you to spend time on tasks that matter. However, many companies pursue profit and lower the grade of ingredients as well as use unhealthy substitues to create a cheap to produce noodle that cooks quicker. ETong stands out for their honourable ideals that do not sacrifice quality of ingredients or taste, hence the "safe to eat" in their motto. 

Recipes:海鮮鍋燒烏龍麵味噌泡菜烏龍麵, 炒烏龍麵炸蝦烏龍麵



Powdered wheat • Water • Modified tapioca starch • Salt • Wheat protein product • Soybean oil • Soy lecithin • Trehalose • Egg white powder • Baking soda • D-sorbitol • Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids • Sucrose esters of fatty acids • Sodium phosphate • Potassium bicarbonate

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