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Bifido Lychee Probiotic Konjac Jelly

Bifido Lychee Probiotic Konjac Jelly

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Made of Konjac (Plant) and Bifidobacterium (Probiotic) Fermented Milk, these jellys are not only delicious, but also extremely beneficial towards the body!

  • Contains zero artificial colours, sweeteners, & preservatives
  • Aids with digestion which also helps the body absorb nutrients & food more efficiently
  • Boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, & inhibits proliferation of harmful bacteria 
  • Improves your gut's microbiome flora & helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract

Contains 14 individually sealed 20g packets of jelly, which is easy to eat even for small children and does not stick to hands.


Water • Sugars(sugar, glucose) • Fermented milk • Konjac powder • Carrageen • Lychee juice • Locust bean gum • LactoSpore • Xanthan gum • Citric acid • Sodium citrate • Flavour • Potassium citrate • Maltodextrin

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