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ChiMei Malai Steamed Sponge Cake

ChiMei Malai Steamed Sponge Cake

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Sweet and delicious, the Malai cake has a unique texture is almost like a mix of a steamed cake with the bouncy sponge cake. 

It is a Traditional Chimei classic that has received constant praise as a bestseller for years~

ChiMei Malai Steamed Sponge Cake is:

  • Vegetarian
  • Free of preservatives
  • Free of MSG
  • Made in Taiwan


Egg • 100%Wheat flour • Sugar • Soybean oil • Pudding powder (sugar, glucose, milk powder, carrageenan (E407), locust bean gum (E410), custard flavor, xanthan gum (E415), konjac gum, FD&C yellow#5 (E102), FD&C yellow#6 (E110)) • Evaporated milk (milk, sodium phosphate, dibasic (E339), carrageenan (E407)) • Water • Leavening agent (glucono-delta-lactone (E575), calcium carbonate (E170), sodium bicarbonate (E500(ii)), corn starch, calcium phosphate, monobasic (E341(i)), mono- and diglycerides (E471)) • Yeast (yeast, emulsifier (sorbitan monostearate) (E491), antioxidant (vitamin C) (E300)) • Flavor (propylene glycol (E1520), flavor, water)
May contain
Crustaceans • Molluscs • Peanut • Tree Nuts • Sesame • Fish • Sulphites

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