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James Bun Pastry Cake 冷凍酥皮蛋糕

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Baking Instructions:
1. Defrost Pastry Cake in room temperature for just a few minutes.
2. Poke holes and brush egg wash on the surface of the cake.
3. Preheat the oven to 400°F, bake for 35~40 minutes until the surface turns gold.

烘培方式 :
1. 蛋糕由冷凍冰箱取出,置於室溫中讓表面稍微解凍。
2. 蛋糕體擦全蛋液後用扎洞器扎洞
3. 烤爐先預熱 400°F, 烘烤約 35~40 分鐘,至表面呈金黃色後取出