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Ricians 聯翔餅店

Pastry Cookies 
聯翔 太陽餅禮盒
(70 g*10)*16 (#101060)
Mung Bean with Mushroom Mooncake Gift Box
聯翔 綠豆椪禮盒 (香菇口味)
(100 g*6)*14 (#101062)

Mung Bean Mooncake Gift Box
聯翔 綠豆沙蛋黃酥禮盒
(50 g*12)*12 (#101063)

Lemon Cake Gift Box
聯翔 檸檬蛋糕禮盒
(40 g*10)*12
Walnut Date Thin Bar Pack
聯翔 南棗核桃糕
150g*60 (#101069) 

Sweet Potato Cookie Gift Box

聯翔 薯山燒禮盒

(62g*8pc)*20 (#101061)

Lucky Four Mooncake Gift Box

聯翔 風華四品月餅禮盒

(50g*12pc)*12 (#101070)