Recipe Chocolate & Coconut Ice Cream 巧克力&椰蓉冰淇淋

  • laura70%黑巧克力100g
  • 2個牛油果
  • 1個香蕉
  • 3湯匙椰蓉
  • ¼茶勺楓葉糖漿
  • ¼茶勺杏仁奶(根據個人喜好,可用牛奶替代)


1. 牛油果和香蕉切丁,放入冰箱冷凍1小時
2. 隔水融化巧克力
3. 在融化的巧克力中導入杏仁奶混合攪拌
4. 加入冷凍的水果和風味糖漿,並用攪拌機攪碎
5. 將混合物倒入適當的容器中,放入冷凍層冷凍大約1-2小時(直到質地變軟和光滑為止)
6. 最後,在冰激凌頂部放少許椰蓉,您就可享用美味了



1. Dice the avocados and bananas and place them in the freezer for approximately 1 hour.
2. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie.
3. Whip the melted chocolate and the almond milk together.
4. Using a blender, mix the frozen fruit in with the other ingredients.
5. Pour the mix into a container and freeze approximately 1-2 hours (until texture becomes soft and smooth).
6. Top your ice cream with a pinch of grated coconut, serve and enjoy!